Why I chose to home-school

Homeschooling is not what it used to be. Homeschooling used to be more common. Now it is rare to hear about, unless you are already in the community. When searching homeschooling into the search engine it can be over whelming at first if you don’t know what program you want to do. If you know what curriculum your child needs then you are a step ahead in the game. There are bloggers and websites who have free printable worksheets for children of any age.  

I almost got sucked into setting my son up with one of the online courses. Luckily with knowing some of the teachers in my local public-school system. I have been able to get an outline of their curriculum. With the outline of the curriculum I have been able to make worksheets for my son and print off free printable worksheets. 

 I have found this way successful because my son is learning everything kids his age are learning in school, just in a safer environment. So, if or when he goes back into our local school system, he will be right where they are.  

Everyone has a reason for homeschooling their child/children and everyone has different reasons. I feel as long as the child/children are getting the education they need. Then home or school does not matter. There are pros and cons to homeschooling and public schools.  

Pro’s and Con’s for homeschooling vs public school

Pro’s for homeschooling 

  • Safer Environment 
  • Being able to go at the child/children’s pace 
  • Flexibility in the parents and child’s schedule 
  • The child can move around 
  • Judgment free  
  • Explore and learn more from hands on projects or field-trips 
  • Learning to start and build relationship’s 
  • No bulling 

Con’s for homeschooling 

  • The child is not getting as much daily contact with children their age 
  • Children can start to feel left out 
  • Some parents cannot stay home to home-school their child/children 
  • Sometimes children miss out on music, art, gym, library, and computers 

Pro’s for public school 

  • Children get daily contact with children their age 
  • Learning the recommended public education 
  • Developing relationship’s 
  • Structured environment 
  • Extra classes 
  • Attend music, art, gym, library, and computers 

Con’s for public school 

  • Lack of teachers and staff for the number of children in public school 
  • Bullying 
  • Children slipping through the cracks 
  • Public school safety 
  • School Lunches 
  • School funding 

My personal experience with our public school

My son did go to public school from kindergarten to halfway through second grade. I was like most parents working hard during the day and the school system gave free childcare basically. Never knew what was happening behind closed doors. Only knew what my son told me when I asked about his day. Children don’t really communicate about their whole day at school.  

Not all school systems are the same, but our public school is bad. I did attend K-12 at our public school. I remember it being bad then, but I guessed I hoped it was better for my son. It turned out it only got worse. Kids hitting and swearing at other kids and staff. Kids running around doing what they want. The authority figures not handling the problems. I knew then I needed to get my son out of that school. I was a staff member at the time. A janitor so I had no power over the children. I had to watch my son get kicked and punched in the face for no reason.  

Making the change

I got him out and he is excelling in his studies. Just having a safer environment. His grade/class was academically behind. So homeschooling was even a better choice because I was able to catch him up to where he needed to be in his grade level. 

Now he is ahead in his grade level. The most important thing is he is caught up. When high school comes around, I do plan on sending back to public school. Hopefully by then children will have matured and the public school in our area will have improved. He will need to get used to young adults since he will be encountering them in the real world and work place.  

I know with homeschooling the biggest fear for most parents are that their child/children are not getting the daily contact with children their age. I was stuck on this con for a while. Then I decided I needed to step as a parent and try. Try to involve my child in every activity I could, but also give him the safe environment to learn and grow in. 

All on board

With my child on board I signed him up for cub scouts, visit the local library for free story time and arts and crafts, with the local school’s permission we attend after school activities, and specials which are gym, music, art, and computers. During that short time every day he gets to be with children his age and still experience specials even though he is a home-school student now. I also try to reach out to parents to set play-dates up. You will find that parents will blow you off and some who are amazing.  

Every parent has reasons why they home-school or public schools. After I finally took the step to home-school my son and step up as a parent/teacher I felt empowered. Nothing feels better then providing your child with the education they need and freedom to explore.  Being a part of your child’s memories and even best memories are so important me. Most of all you are getting to witness these special moments instead of hearing about them after work.  

As a parent that used the public school system for free childcare. I refused to believe I had to work a 9-5 job. I decided I was going to blog my way and make an income on my own. There are many ways to work from home if you truly want to. You just have to be ready and dedicated.  

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