I am a mother and step mother to two handsome boys and engaged to my soulmate.

I got pregnant with my son at 17. He was 3 months old when I received my High School diploma and LNA in 2011. Then I went on and completed all my general studies at NHTI.


I knew I enjoyed helping others so I went to Seacoast Carrier School and graduated as a Medical Assistant in 2013. 

With my knowledge for the health-field, computers, and customer service I found my myself working for Dartmouth Hitchcock Hospital and then transferred to their biggest call center.  

My soulmate and I were neighbors growing up. He came back into my life with a son of his own in 2016. We quickly became a blended family unit. He supported me and I supported him.  

I loved helping others, but I knew I also wanted to be home to raise my family. I felt I was at my job more than at home. Burnt out  as a mother I felt like a failure. My children wanted more time with me and I wanted more time with them.  

After a couple of bad events at our children’s local public school I knew I needed to make a change. I was their mother and I needed to be their mother. So, I took my oldest out of school and started homeschooling both my children.  

I was happy being home with my children. I could see them thriving with me being home more and having the time to educate them in their own special ways.  

I love helping others so I decided to start a blog with what I know about motherhood, homeschooling, and homesteading because those are my passions.